Food Tour Marseille Center - 4 hours

Provence Amazing Tours will meet you at your hotel or cruise ship port and drive you to the center of Marseille.
After a little stroll around the Vieux Port (Old Port), we’ll visit the oldest port in France which dates back to Greek antiquity when the city’s name was Massalia.
You’ll taste Mediterranean goodies from Tunisia, Armenia, Italy, Morocco, Lebanon, Greece and Algeria. Thanks to delicious research, Provence Amazing Tours will guide you from tasting to tasting to give you a bit of everyday, Mediterranean cuisine.
Once you’ve had this gastronomical voyage in the Heart of Marseille, you’ll finally be able to answer the fundamental question, “What is Mediterranean food?”!

Discover the city center of Marseille by exploring its most cosmopolitan neighborhood: the Noailles district. Known for its Mediterranean cuisine specialties and found just next to the famous avenue, la Canebiére and the Vieux Port.
You’ll taste Marseille’s unique specialties, from its favorite snack, panisse, to the time-tested aperitif, pastis!
At the Vieux Port we’ll visit the morning fish market which the French know well from television programs. We’ll stroll around the Noailles district, famous for its fruits and vegetables from Provence and all around the Mediterranean. The Noailles district is unlike any other in Marseille. Only here, can you taste Mediterranean food originating from several different countries: Greece, Italy, the countries of Maghreb, Lebanon and, of course, Marseille with its herbs of Provence. These Mediterranean herbs, spices and condiments are found in French gastronomy or “the art of French cooking”. We’ll take our time while savoring the scents wafting from little restaurants along with exotic fragrances to spark the appetite.
In this neighborhood you’ll hear many languages and the Marseille accent will catch your ear!
All in all, the Noailles district is full of colors, scents, welcoming people from a multitude of cultures happily assembled in one neighborhood.
During the walk, we’ll tell you about the history of the district and some Mediterranean and Marseille culinary traditions.
We’ll finish this tour with a picnic in the garden of the Palais du Pharo. This magnificent garden surrounds the palace, overlooks the entrance to the Vieux Port and offers a lovely view of Marseille.
When we’ve finished the picnic, we’ll drive you back to your hotel or cruise ship port.
“Bon appétit!”


Provence Amazing Tours offers this tour mornings from 9:00 to 1:00 and afternoons from 1:30 to 5:30.

Interested by a food tour in Marseille Le Panier ?


The visit is for groups of 4 to 8 people


Activity Level: Light
Kid friendly: Yes.
Language(s): English (fluent), French (fluent)

The tour includes 10 tastings + 3 olive oils + wine tastings and the markets visits.
There is one tour in the morning and one tour in the afternoon.
Transportation can be provided on request.
What’s Included: Guided tour in English, and my undivided attention.

ITINERARY (morning):

9:00 – Meet at your hotel or cruise ship port.

9:30 – Walk along the waterfront of the Vieux Port.

9:45 – Pastis tasting 10:00 – Visit the Roman docks.

10:45 – Visit the antique port 11:00 – Walk up avenue La Canebiére.

11:15 – Seafood tasting.

11:30 – Tunisian and Italian tasting.

12:00 – Loukoums (Turkish Delight) tasting.

12:15 – Mint tea tasting.

12:30 – Drive back to your hotel or cruise ship port

1:00 – End of tour.

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